Leadership Development For Your Industry.  By Your Industry.

NAW in partnership with Apollo Education Group and powered by Western International University.

Skills & Competency Development

We've built a program specifically tailored to the critical, in-demand skills of the wholesale distribution industry.

Highly Efficient, Effective Training

Powerfully relevant and designed to easily integrate into your employees' workday.

Immediate ROI

Learning assignments are built around the real-world opportunities and challenges in your business.

Professional Development Lead by the Industry

To help employers increase talent effectiveness through employee training, upskilling, and leadership development, the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) teamed with Apollo Education Group to conduct a survey of NAW member training practices and employee skill gaps.

Program Information
Need: Development of Leadership Talent

A critical need exists within the industry to support the growth of line and mid-level managers, as well as aspiring leaders, with skill-based training.

Need: Relevant Soft Skill Development

The primary challenge in developing leaders was finding relevant, effective and efficient soft skill training that employees could immediately apply to their work.

Creating Next Generation Leadership

To address the immediate need for soft skill development, NAW, in partnership with Apollo Education Group and Western International University, have custom-developed a comprehensive, thoughtful program for developing your next generation leaders. This program will train your employees in the soft skills – people management, leadership, critical thinking, etc. – that they can immediately apply in their current work.

Next Generation Leadership is actively helping our customers and their employees develop the skills necessary in supporting growth.

More Customer Testimonials

Soft skill training designed for working adults; easy to use, easy to learn.

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Don Hairhoger | Vice President of Operations, Composites One

"Next Generation Leadership really filled a lot of the niche needs we had at Composites One that we couldn't find, or get, in the open marketplace."